Author: Jenxi Seow

  • Checkpoint pickup

    Checkpoint pickup

    On days that there were real bad traffic congestions, it would be another half to an hour before my dad was able to make another pass to pick me up.

  • Xiaobao super exhausted

    Xiaobao super exhausted

    I guess the more tired he is means the more he misses me.

  • Xiaobao’s new look

    Xiaobao’s new look

    He loves the attention.

  • Xiaobao is six!

    Xiaobao is six!

    Growing more adorable by the day.

  • Baby pianist

    Baby pianist

    Xiaobao was also tired from watching the baby all day and slept like a log that night.

  • Xiaobao feeling better

    At least we both get to sleep better after.

  • Xiaobao stepped on gum

    It’s chewed gum, so the xylitol content is low. He probably licked some off the paw but the rest was stuck on in the fur. Good thing he got himself to vomit and expel the poison.

  • Long commute

    Long commute

    There were no phones back in the day so it was tricky for my dad to arrive before I did. So I would twiddle my thumbs while waiting for him and watched strangers who were probably wondering what’s this primary school kid doing loitering there. There were the occasional bullies, both kids and adults, but […]

  • Stanley Khoo man

    Stanley Khoo man

    He called himself “Coolman” because his surname is Khoo.

  • Silly Xiaobao

    Silly Xiaobao

    Maybe the cleaner did such a good job that Xiaobao was running towards his reflection in the door.

  • Growing up – Commuting

    That’s at least a third of my waking time spent on a bus or waiting for a bus.

  • Low energy

    Low energy

    The only way to get past this depressed state is to just keep going. “It is the power of the mind to be unconquerable.” – Seneca

  • Cold showers

    Cold showers

    I make sure the heater is off so I can’t chicken out and just turn up the heat during the shower.

  • Freshly awake

    Freshly awake

    Did you know that dogs wake up with bad fur days?

  • Groceries shopping

    Groceries shopping

    It’s faster than making a trip to the supermarket or wet market. And we can hop between the apps to check which offers better pricing right from the comfort of our sofa.

  • Wild claims

    Wild claims

    Twitter thread:

  • Drained from meetings

    Drained from meetings

    It might be a sign of working from home too much.

  • Do what you love

    Do what you love

    Try everything with an open mind. Don’t settle. You’ll know when you find it.

  • Being happy

    Being happy

    “That’s the fundamental delusion – that there is something out there that will make you happy forever.” – Naval Ravikant

  • One step at a time

    One step at a time

    Conversation with my younger self.

  • Sleeping late

    Sleeping late

    He also knows that I need to get work done. So he checks on me a few times and when it’s only when it gets late that he comes to collect me for bed.

  • Weather April’s Fool

    I’m just in T-shirt and shorts because the winter clothing is already in storage. At least the blanket helps.

  • Public speaking

    Public speaking

    While I understand she probably didn’t want me to be hit by someone who might not appreciate my joke, there are many ways to deal with the situation, especially a young student undergoing a self-discovery process and meant no harm.

  • WFH sidekick

    WFH sidekick

    Clingy much. But the snoring is pretty soothing. And the random snorts make me chill when I get stressed. Always in arm’s reach for a pet or snuggle if I need some comforting.

  • Friend rate

    Friend rate

    I get products or services that I need, and at the same time support them to fulfil their dreams and achieve their goals. How cool is this compared to being just another customer of a big corporate?

  • Having fun

    Having fun


  • Nosy neighbour

    Nosy neighbour

    Nightwish vibes?

  • Xiabao’s insistent barking

    If there’s nothing beside him, he doesn’t lift his leg to pee. He just squats with his legs as wide apart as possible cos he doesn’t want to dirty his paws.

  • Seconds too late

    Seconds too late

    We weren’t drenched, but we got a little wet 50 metres before we got back home. It was a literal downpour but we were lucky not to be drenched without an umbrella. Xiaobao knew we were running from something but I decided to scoop him up in case the ground got wet.

  • Tasteless food

    Tasteless food

    We have been testing negative. I’m pretty sure it’s a common cold with the weather blowing hot and cold lately.

  • First sign of ageing

    First sign of ageing

    Wonder how the tooth fell out whole.

  • Fire in the kitchen

    Fire in the kitchen

    In hindsight, I should have tried to grab the stove right from the start, but then again, it was safer to remove it later because the coaster had melted and fell down instead of being stuck on the pot. Is it safe to clean the cast iron skillet and continue using it?

  • Tiring day for Xiaobao

    He walked a lot less than usual, so I’m not sure why he’s so tired. It’s not like when he had his shots a few weeks back and was unwell after. I mean, he’s snoring and grinding his teeth in his I-feel-super-safe sleeping position.

  • Xiaobao takes the lift

    Tested him several times and I can confirm that he recognises the announcer saying “15th floor.”

  • Xiaobao’s rubber duckie

    He refuses to play with the others if I have his fave one in my hand.

  • Xiaobao drops his duckie

    That’s brave. Usually he would’ve dived under the bed or sofa.

  • Shenzhen COVID measures

    Some places are placed under lockdown because there are close contacts in the community. But it’s not across the whole city. Most of the news articles I’ve seen are very misleading.

  • Xiaobao and stairs

    Xiaobao and stairs

    He picks himself up, shakes it off and off he goes again.

  • How Xiaobao runs

    How Xiaobao runs

    He’s three parts rabbit and one part poodle.

  • Night blindness

    Night blindness

    He sees well in the dark, just not when he needs to take a step downwards for some reason.

  • How Xiaobao sleeps

    How Xiaobao sleeps

    And the occasional growls and yelps. Would love to know what he dreams of. Food? Play?

  • RIP ripped jeans

    RIP ripped jeans

    RIP jeans. But I couldn’t bear to tell the kind old lady.

  • Sleepy Xiaobao

    Sleepy Xiaobao

    Food coma hits fast.

  • First dose vaccination

    I can sense my 5G tingling.

  • Worse than shit

    Worse than shit

    What’s worse than shit? Diarrhoea.

  • It’s just hair

    It’s just hair

    Always wanted Super Saiyan hair.

  • Protective Xiaobao

    Protective Xiaobao

    And then Judy pretends she got hit and he starts barking at me.

  • A life lesson from cycling

    The key is to keep pedalling and moving forward.

  • The scaredy cat and the cat

    The cat was so chill though.

  • Xiaobao has a new haircut

    It’s hard to keep his fur too long cos it ends up in his bowl when he drinks.

  • Xiaobao love his rug

    Then again it’s good that he stops jumping at me when I get home.

  • Xiaobao dislikes Leica

    It’s a love-hate relationship called sibling rivalry.

  • Leica comes home

    Leica comes home

    Or maybe Hunger is a more apt name for this fat dog.

  • Keynote videos

    Keynote videos

    Does it blow your mind that you can make videos with Keynote? 3D animations done in Powerpoint will be mind blasting.

  • X Japan

    X Japan

    X Japan fans will know the ending in the second frame.

  • Sanban Cafe

    Sanban Cafe

    I drink five to six cups of coffee a day.

  • Xiaobao’s first bath

    Xiaobao’s first bath

    Princess Xiaobao has a nice ring to it.

  • Cold wave

    Cold wave

    Once you go Taobao, you don’t want to shop any more. Ever.

  • Singing Jay Chou

    Singing Jay Chou

    Bobo looks different because of feedback that his male-pattern balding is still in the early stages.

  • Two Oxen

    Two Oxen

    Once you know the zodiac, you can guess the age based on the person’s looks.

  • Vincent the Dutch

    Vincent the Dutch

    It’s the same in Malaysia.

  • iPhone camera

    iPhone camera

    A phone is all you need unless you require shallow depth of field.

  • Will I die?

    Will I die?

    Why do they think we are in the killing business?

  • Plastic bag

    Plastic bag

    He still jumps each time he hears a plastic bag rustle.

  • McDonald’s security

    McDonald’s security

    Maybe that’s why he almost accidentally cleared the uneaten yam pie.

  • Alt text

    Alt text

    Don’t ask me how it’s done on Android because I have no experience with it, and it’ll probably depends on which version and device you’re using. Update 8 March 2022 This doesn’t seem to work properly with the recent site redesign. The title attribute is also not supported by many browsers and touchscreen devices like […]

  • Xiaobao sleeping

    Xiaobao sleeping

    You can always trust your sidekick to help you finish your work.

  • Valentine’s 2017

    Valentine’s 2017


  • Toilet blunder

    Toilet blunder

    Maybe no one noticed because of my long hair.

  • Centre of attention

    Centre of attention

    Small dog, big ego.

  • Monkey business

    Monkey business

    That’s what happens when people ignore the “No food allowed” signs.

  • Laughing


    He meant stinging. Of course.

  • Road to Guilin

    Road to Guilin

    High five if you get the podcast reference.

  • Muddy encounter

    Muddy encounter

    Our shoes were caked by the time we got off the trail.

  • Highways


    It is safe as long as you don’t try to jump off the edge.

  • Cold today, colder tomorrow

    So glad for the heated blanket.

  • Highway ride

    Highway ride

    It is actually quite therapeutic to ride and shoot like this.

  • Caffeine withdrawal

    Caffeine withdrawal

    The alternative is to go for some cola but you can’t find that here either!

  • How would you know?

    How would you know?

    Because I’m wearing a tag that says “Pharmacist”.

  • Ten rolls

    Ten rolls

    Firecrackers everywhere

  • Sleeve covers

    Sleeve covers

    They are made of materials that are easy to wash and dry.

  • Hotpot surprise

    Hotpot surprise

    The bigger surprise was there were no leftovers.

  • House fridge

    House fridge

    Perfect for people who love cold drinks.

  • Starry starry night

    Starry starry night

    Time to check out the cost of a telescope on Taobao.

  • Firecrackers


    When five different groups come at the same time, light and toss ’em as fast as you can!

  • Chinese New Year 2017

    Chinese New Year 2017

    And we get to play with firecrackers and fireworks!

  • Electrofishing


    The fish are back to normal within two minutes.

  • How old?

    How old?

    Mama, I don’t know.

  • Goodie bags

    Goodie bags

    Housewarmings are pretty big events with lots of fireworks and firecrackers.

  • Twinkle twinkle

    Twinkle twinkle

    Good thing he hasn’t learn the song that never ends.

  • Flying cap

    Flying cap

    That’s why I hold onto my camera so tightly.

  • Cannibal chickens

    Cannibal chickens

    Omnivores =/= cannibals

  • Ganji


    This will be such a great event to shoot, and it occurs every five days!

  • Fire barrel

    Fire barrel

    It is light so you can bring it wherever you go.

  • Layers of clothes

    Layers of clothes

    And I still feel cold.

  • Boarding Xiaobao

    Boarding Xiaobao

    The only way is to have him checked onto the train or plane, which requires him to have all his vaccines done.

  • Electric vehicles in China

    Cities with too many motorcycles should consider banning them and introducing an alternative that is noiseless and doesn’t emit exhaust fumes.

  • Throat


    I have like… eyes.

  • Linctus


    Linctus is a brand!

  • Left right

    Left right

    Pharmacist: Which eye hurts? Patient: My left eye. Pharmacist: That’s the right eye. Patient: No, that’s the wrong eye.

  • Wan Chai

    Wan Chai

    Maybe that’s why the place is called Wan Chai 湾仔. Because of what happens to your knees.

  • Not this D

    Not this D

    From experience, most customers prefer the bigger D.

  • Ken-enhancer


    You might laugh at “pharmist” but we get it pretty often. I’d say 2 out of 10 customers.

  • Japanese name

    Japanese name

    Disclaimer: I have no idea how accurate the online converter is.

  • Upset old lady

    Upset old lady

    Context is so important.

  • Xiaobao crate trained

    Xiaobao crate trained

    He is so smart that I often think he’s bored. Need to find more ways to stimulate him mentally.

  • Farewell for now

    Farewell for now

    Wonder why I’m so overly emotional and protective of them.

  • Smoothen the pain

    Smoothen the pain

    I get a lot of xenophobic comments from the locals, even though I’m almost like them, apart for my nationality and English.

  • Cough


    Pharmacists can read minds but can’t stand bad English.

  • Dino feet throne

    Dino feet throne

    He falls asleep almost as soon as he climbs onto the dino feet.

  • New Year’s dinner

    New Year’s dinner

    Dr Huang foot for the cost of treatment himself because he loves dogs and believes each dog deserves better. Here’s to more love for dogs in 2017.

  • Dad and insects

    Dad and insects

    Then I thought of having no one to show the moth to.

  • Cold weather

    Cold weather

    Waking up hard in winter.

  • Ornament


    It’s a cream for mistletoe.

  • Why did the rat cross the road?

    That rat definitely was no chicken.

  • Blowing up

    Blowing up

    I’m amazed at my own abilities to understand some of the most absurd of statements.

  • Eye remover

    Eye remover

    “Can’t you understand simple English? Eye remover. Removes that stuff on your eyelids.”

  • All I want for Christmas

    All I want for Christmas

    The Masamune would have been tempting if my hair was bleached and I didn’t have the undercut.