Gunpla deprived


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A couple of months ago, I posted about my Gunpla withdrawal symptoms. It has gotten worse. Reading about gunpla news and articles without a gunpla to play with is killing me!

I have been wanting to go for airbrushing lessons so that I can learn to paint my models. The unrealistic plastic texture of an unpainted gunpla is a far cry from that of one with a coat of paint.

While I was studying, I could not commit the time to go for lessons. However, I used to drop by regularly at the Achtung! Hobby Japan shop to check out gunpla kits. They held workshops where you bring your own gunpla, or buy one from the shop, and they will teach you how to paint it. Airbrush with compressor and paint will be provided by them. The cost? SGD50 for as long as it takes to finish.

I haven’t been to Achtung! Hobby Japan for quite some time so I went down to take a look last week. To my surprise, the shop was empty. Thinking that the shop could have shifted, I decided to search online to check if there was any mention on the modelling forums that the shop relocated.

Achtung Hobby Japan closed down

Image source: Mighty Freedom

The shop closed down in mid November. As I didn’t have time to spare when I was in the area, I was unable to check if airbrush lessons were available at Sunshine Plaza. I’ll probably get to start my hunt for a workshop next year.

If you know of a good place in Singapore to learn airbrushing for gunpla, do let me know. :)