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  • Habits in 2016


    4 min read
    Habits in 2016

    Review of my post about setting new habits in 2016

  • Being bold


    6 min read
    Being bold

    Dreams remain dreams when people fail to be bold.

  • Illusion of having something to lose


    5 min read
    Illusion of having something to lose

    When we die, we leave everything behind.

  • New habits


    8 min read
    New habits

    The beginning of a new year is a popular time for New Year resolutions. However, I prefer to pick up new habits instead.

  • Learned helplessness


    6 min read
    Learned helplessness

    My reflection on learned helplessness.

  • Reducing distractions


    15 min read
    Reducing distractions

    I have been very conscious about reducing distractions in the past seven months or so.