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  • Shortness of time


    5 min read
    Shortness of time

    We all know that time is limited, yet we are guilty of wasting it.

  • Why blog?


    4 min read
    Why blog?

    When I blog, I write down my stream of thoughts. The more I write, the more I think.

  • Taking social risks


    3 min read
    Taking social risks

    Many of us are social averse by nature, especially in the Asian society.

  • 10 habits to constantly improve yourself

    Become a better person by applying these habits to your life.

  • The most powerful motivations


    4 min read
    The most powerful motivations

    We often procrastinate because of a lack of motivation.

  • Social media


    7 min read
    Social media

    We expose ourselves to jealousy and envy many times daily.