Tag: Habit

  • 8 unproductive habits


    5 min read
    8 unproductive habits

    It is important to be aware of unproductive habits that we have.

  • Secret of success


    2 min read
    Secret of success

    The secret of success is to form the habit of doing things that others dislike doing.

  • How to read non-fiction


    7 min read
    How to read non-fiction

    I wished I discovered how to read non-fiction earlier.

  • Personal wiki with Bear app


    9 min read
    Personal wiki with Bear app

    The term that’s trending nowadays is actually personal knowledge management (PKM).

  • Mindful memory


    3 min read
    Mindful memory

    Being mindful makes our brain more receptive to creating memories.

  • How to read


    8 min read
    How to read

    Consuming information doesn’t mean you are learning.