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Being vulnerable is to be exposed to the possibility of being attacked.

Don’t Be Afraid

This is a translation of the song by Summer aka Momoko,《不要怕》.


We encounter fear on a daily basis. How do we face and overcome our fears?

Dark mode

If you have dark mode or night mode enabled on your desktop or mobile browser, you’ll be able to see the effect on this site.

Being positive

I’m often told that I have a very positive outlook in life.

How I blog

People ask how I blog. As someone who enjoys studying workflows, this is a topic I’m glad to share.


This is a translation of the song by Mayday , 《顽固》.

Why blog?

When I blog, I write down my stream of thoughts. The more I write, the more I think.

Social media

We expose ourselves to jealousy and envy many times daily.


I have started writing an online journal on this blog.

Being bold

Dreams remain dreams when people fail to be bold.


Have greater awareness and put in a little effort to reduce clutter.
Mail app

Mail app

Best mail app after the demise of the Mailbox app.


I am a firm believer of using products as they are designed.
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