Authenticity, along with my recent muse on consistency and minimalism, has spurred me to post text-only entries.

Table top reflection

Wide angle graduation

My girlfriend graduated in February and I was invited to attend the ceremony. It was a good opportunity to bring my new lens out for a spin.

Ruiying plays badminton

Badminton baby

A few months ago, we had some down time and brought my niece out for her first badminton session. I took my Nikon D90 out of hibernation for a spin.

Polaroid photo of siblings

Old polaroid photos

When I went back to Malacca for Chinese New Year this year, my aunt showed me some polaroid photos of my aunts and uncles when they were young.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year 2014

It was the second Chinese New Year since the passing of my grandmother. I am still getting used to not having her around.

Jetpack by WordPress

How to migrate to Jetpack’s Markdown has included Markdown support in its Jetpack plugin. You can easily migrate your existing Markdown data from the Markdown on Save plugin.



VSCO Cam is my favourite iPhone app for taking and editing photos. If I could only have one camera app on my phone, I would choose VSCO Cam in a heartbeat.

Markdown logo


Markdown has changed the way I type. I have been reading about Markdown for the past few years but never really got down to using it extensively. That changed this year when I decided to integrate Markdown into my workflow.

View from the OCBC walkway in the Gardens by the Bay

Shooting Gardens by the Bay

When Gardens by the Bay opened in Singapore last year, I went down to have a look at the new attraction in town. It was also a little outing with my brother and his family.

The Room

The Room for iPad

If you have an iPad and have not played The Room, you have been missing out on the iPad Game of the Year in 2012.

Mailbox app

Mailbox app

Mailbox app is now my primary way of checking emails on my mobile. It has transformed the way I handle emails.

A group of Indian dancers in a flash mob along Orchard Road

Flash mob in Orchard

Flash mobs are not uncommon in big cities. They are even less so at the busiest parts of these cities. However, I did not expect to encounter one when I took a brief walk along Orchard Road. using the Minimum theme from StudioPress

Minimalistic theme

I have switched to a minimalistic theme for this blog. This change has been planned for a while and the switch was finally completed last week.

A boy's sneakers and skateboard

Teaching improves your photography

Teaching others improves your photography because you actually learn in the process. When you teach, you discover how well you know a particular subject.

Teenager along Orchard Road

First photo walk of 2013

I took my first photo walk in 2013 on the first weekend of the year to kick off 2013 with a bang. This is the first time I am shooting on the street since my last walk in late September.

Mother and her two daughters in Orchard Road

2012 in review

A review of what I have accomplished and experienced in the past year.

Pedestrians looking over each other's shoulders

Unproductive days

There some days when you just feel disconnected from photography. I have found a few tricks to reset myself to get into the groove.