Sherie on the jetty

We wrapped up the photo shoot with Sherie at the jetty in the Woodlands Waterfront Park.


Sherie fashion style

During the photo shoot with Sherie, we came across a nice spot for fashion style photos in the Woodlands Waterfront Park.


Sherie in denim

During the photo shoot in the Woodlands Waterfront Park, we did a set with Sherie in denim.


Sherie in the park

Early last year, I had a photo session with Sherie in the Woodlands Waterfront Park.


Graduate in Marina Bay

We continued my girlfriend’s graduation shoot in the Marina Bay from the late afternoon till after sunset.



Wabi-sabi is a Japanese philosophy on the acceptance of imperfection, impermanence and incompleteness.

New habits

New habits

The beginning of a new year is a popular time for New Year resolutions. However, I prefer to pick up new habits instead.

Learned helplessness

Learned helplessness

Shane Parrish of Farnam Street wrote about learned helplessness and it made me reflect on the topic.


Christmas with Jolyn

Merry Christmas! This is a throwback to my photoshoot with Jolyn last December.

Artisan Coffee

Artisan Coffee

I did a photoshoot for Artisan Coffee back in August in their PJ branch.


Shenzhen 2014

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of being flown to Shenzhen for a photo assignment.

Reducing distractions

Reducing distractions

I have been very conscious about reducing distractions in the past seven months or so.